Coming Soon!

It has become glaringly obvious that what this site needs is more maps. It is tough to navigate around a world you don’t know without some idea where in the heck you are in relation to anything else. The maps that are included in “An Orc for All Seasons” were my attempt to clarify exactly this kind of issue, and if the author has a need for maps to tell just what in the devil is going on, then it has to be assumed that the reader does too.

With that in mind, be aware that even as we sit here wondering why this wasn’t done sooner, I am furiously copying and pasting tiny mountains onto what is becoming a brilliant work of cartography in my steadfast Paint program. I promise you, gentle reader, that you will be horrified by the result. But the comedic payout is going to be SO worth it. Stay tuned. Gonna try and have this first one done today.

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