Knighthoods, Ribbons, and Medallions

Simplicity is key to goblinoids understanding their place in the world, the tasks they are expected to accomplish, and the rewards with which they are paid. Historically one of the best ways that the rulers of Slothjemia have found to honor the great deeds of its adventurers, heroes, and other accomplishers of note, are knighthoods. They are given in three ranks, or tiers, and are handed out for general things like heroism and patriotism as well as specifics such as exploration or skill in a particular field.


County Brotherhood

Knighthood of the County Brotherhood (Tier 1)

The tier of the award is indicated by the ribbon. The more tiers, the more bands on the ribbon. The lowest ranking knighthoods have only a single color, with the enamel on the medallion matching the ribbon; and these awards are the most commonly encountered. In two and three tier knighthoods, one of the colors is enameled on the medallion as well.

First and second tier knighthoods cannot be inherited in Slothjemia. Third tier knighthoods are the lowest form of landed nobility available in the realm. The awarded estate that goes along with the knighthood itself is small, but often related in some way to the reason for why the award was given in the first place. For example, an award given for exploration would include a parcel of land in the newly discovered lands. An award for heroism in battle might offer land taken from an enemy that the knight helped defeat.

Everyone that is awarded a knighthood in Slothjemia is entitled to use the honorary prefix of “Shr” (for males) or “Shar” (for females). This prefix follows military rank and other noble title, if any exists. Slothjemia is the only country that currently uses these prefixes, and it does help to establish that the bearer of the honor is Slothjemian, a curious fact that may either help or hinder a person bearing such a prefix.

It is worth notating that for widely generalized concepts such as heroism and patriotism, there are often knighthoods available in all three tiers to allow the reward to fit more properly the accomplishment. For instance, the concept of patriotic duty can be rewarded by a first tier knighthood, the County Brotherhood, a second tier knighthood, The Iron Gauntlet, or a third tier knighthood, The Midnight Skull. They all mean the same thing in principle, but have been weighed differently by the Crown.