Maelonbourg; Under New Management

Recent events in Maelonbourg (original flag shown to the right) have created quite a stir in the western portion of the Wenigzustand. Colldrenia, the malicious and craven woman that usurped the power ofMaelonbourg Flag the rightful king and ushered in an age of violent chaos has been killed by an intrepid band of adventurers. Her castle demolished and the city in ruins, bands of hobgoblins roaming the countryside, orcs pressing down from the north, and horrors that defy description lurking in the hollows and shadows have made Maelonbourg a scourge of anarchic behavior. And now the whole place has been placed by King Carloman under the protection of Fanolania, under the direct auspices of the same adventurers that killed Colldrenia. These newly minted minor nobles have their work cut out for them trying to restore some semblance of order to this tattered and ruined land.


Luckily for the entire region there are a number of parties interested in rebuilding Maelonbourg (Colldrenia’s banner displayed below). There are also a number of individuals seeking to take control of the place for themselves. The location of Maelonbourg, whatever it’s state of distress or success, is Coldrenia Flagideal for trade with the rest of the Wenigzustand. Fanolania is the largest and most influential neighbor, so King Carloman’s decision to take at least some level of control of Maelonbourg isn’t to be taken lightly by other would-be rulers. It is a short ferry across the river Maruse and the knights and lords in Fanolania can be poised to move quite quickly to lend military and other assistance to the fledgling barons tasked with fixing Maelonbourg. In a perfect world the rightful heir to the old kingdom would be on hand to be the point person for the reconstruction of the once glorious realm. But this isn’t a perfect world. This is a world in which a grouchy, easily provoked green dragon can get her hackles up with frightening speed, and chlorine gas three hapless rogues in a meadow. That can take the wind out of a project pretty damn fast.