Knights of the Domaine; Order of the Hammer

As one might gather from the name, the second order of the Knights of the Domaine is largely occupied by clerics, paladins, and other similarly inclined nobles that seek to not only serve the King, but also devote a significant amount of time and energy supporting the Church and it’s causes. There are also a number of men and women in the Order of the Hammer that take prominent roles in other areas, such as community leadership positions, mayoral jobs, and the like. Unfairly viewed by some as glorified pencil-pushers, the Order of the Hammer is integral to the solidarity felt by all Fanolanians.

All knights in the Order of the Hammer begin in the Order of the Crown as Defenders of the Crown. If they pass the tests required by the Knights of the Domaine to enter the Order of the Hammer, then they are made a Novice of the Hammer and can begin their ascendency through the ranks. If they choose, they may undergo further testing to enter into the third and most prestigious order, the Order of the Iris, rather than move up in the Order of the Hammer. Ranks 6 through 10 are unique ranks, and only one person can hold one of them at any given time. The ranks and duties of the Order of the Hammer are as follows:

  1. Novice of the Hammer – These men and women are frequently assigned to serve higher ranking members of the order, both to carry out mundane tasks and to prepare for the duties they will be expected to carry out at higher ranks. It might take years to be promoted from this rank.
  2. Knight of the Hammer – These are the most numerous of the order, and serve in a wide range of offices in the realm. Most publicly they serve as the militant arm of the church, making sure that the properties and sanctity of the institution are protected from harm.
  3. Hammer Knight – These nobles are often given charge of advancing the faith and punishing the wicked at home and abroad. Many holy crusaders have been people of this rank either on their own or at the head of armies they have raised with the blessing of the King and the Church.
  4. Knight Cleric – Every bishop and archbishop either is a member of the order and at least this rank, or they have in their employ somebody that is. They are not likely to ever step away from a challenge, no matter how foreboding the outcome may be.
  5. Abbot of Hammers – All priests that serve in the Order of the Hammer are represented in their particular parish by a knight of this rank. There are only as many as there are parishes.
  6. Elder of Hammers – The person in charge of all Abbots of Hammers, this important job is the mechanism by which the Knights of the Domaine keep an eye on the more zealous elements of the Church that have at times run afoul of royal designs.
  7. Lord of Hammers – This person oversees the actions of all paladins within the Order of the Hammer. It is this office that establishes the rules of conduct for all paladins in the Knights of the Domaine, and is responsible for enforcing those guidelines.
  8. Master Cleric- One of the foremost members of the clergy and noble class, this person is the go-between for the King and the Archbishop of Avondace. They are also responsible for dealings with foreign churches and the King of Fanolania.
  9. Lord Cleric – The second-in-command of the order, this person might be seen performing all manner of tasks appropriate to their station.
  10. High Cleric – Often held by the King’s Chaplain, this job is undeniably spiritual, political, and ever vigilant in nature. Whatever other titles this person might have, they are unquestionably extremely important counselors to the King.

There has been a tendency from time to time for some people to view members of the Order of the Hammer with a certain amount of suspicion due to their close dealings with the Church, a relationship that might be viewed as hostile to the governance of the King. It should be noted, however, that the new ruler of Fanolania, King Carlobar Martel, is a prominent member of this order and has been for a very long time. His curious “surname” was actually given to him when he was a mere Hammer Knight in recognition of his passion for smashing the enemies of Fanolania on the battlefields of the southern wars nearly half a millennia ago.