Knights of the Domaine; Order of the Iris

The third of the orders in the Knights of the Domaine is easily the most prestigious. It is also the most demanding of the orders, and unlike the first two orders, members of the Order of the Iris are rarely engaged in any other pursuits aside from their duties with the knighthood. They serve the King, but will also serve nobles and clergy that have need of their services. The highest calling for members of this order is the desire for justice. They most often serve as sheriffs, bailiffs, wardens, judges, and magistrates.

After passing the tests to advance from being a Novice of the Hammer to being a Novice of the Iris, members of the Order of the Iris face a challenging life. They are held to a very high standard and even the slightest indiscretion can land a member in hot water. Ranks 9 through 12 in the order are only held by one person at any given time. Advancing in rank within the order is an arduous and often combative process, and with so few members to begin with it is often a political fight for the ages to gain access to higher ranks. The ranks of the order are as follows:

  1. Novice of the Iris – After already having trained in the first two orders of the knighthood, members of this rank are focusing on learning the minutiae of life within the order. They do not spend long in this rank comparative to how long they may have served as novices in the prior orders.
  2. Knight of Tears – These men and women serve as the first level of law enforcement throughout Fanolania, often in positions of leadership of deputies and lesser law enforcement. These are not mere flunkies, mind you. They are often the ones investigating the powerful elite.
  3. Knight of Mind – Some of the most powerful sorcerers in the realm hold this rank. They are often accountable for keeping the secrets of the kingdom and rooting out those that seek to steal those secrets.
  4. Knight of Heart – People that hold this rank are tasked with collecting the taxes and guarding the treasury. While other people actually get the taxes from the citizenry, Knights of Heart are the ones that gather it from those agents and deliver it to the royal treasury.
  5. Knight of Irises – These members are often the court bailiffs in the highest courts in the kingdom. They must be prepared to keep the peace as well as maintain the dignity of the process.
  6.  Keeper of Irises – Holders of this rank are almost always the wardens of the various prisons in Fanolania. Lesser knights of the order will often be found as captains in the guards of these institutions.
  7. Master of Irises – Many in this rank are judges and magistrates, but it is also possible to find them in other prominent jobs, such as regional treasurers.
  8. Archknight – There is one of these for every major endeavor that is fielded by the Order of the Iris to serve as overall managers. Archknights are often elevated to this rank from lower ranks in recognition of their skills in their particular field.
  9. Lord of Irises – The person that holds this rank serves as the King’s executioner.
  10. Master of Justice – This job entails monitoring the rulings of lesser courts and the oversight for non-royal legal amendments to the judicial code.
  11. Lord of Justice – The second-in-command of the order, this person can be found doing many things according to their duties and station.
  12. High Justice – The highest ranking official in the order, and also the highest ranking member of the entire Knights of the Domaine. They answer solely to the King.

In their duties and accomplishments members of the Order of the Iris are responsible for much of the law and order in the kingdom. They are not just judges and sheriffs, though. Everything they do is an example for how the nobility should act and react. Serving as examples and virtuous guides can take a toll, but for the most part the knights do a grand job of keeping things running smoothly. And through the force of their own skills and their faithful retainers, they also pose a serious threat to anyone daring to upset that status quo.