This will be one Memorable Night

There is a certain hilarity in how the world conspires to make our lives interesting. Last week the my D&D group decided to go ahead and tackle the green dragon that has been making their lives miserable. She is a cantankerous soul who has a penchant for harboring grudges that she is reluctant to let fester. Angry, violent, and with an army of adoring bullywugs at her beck and call, this dragon has made a name for herself already with the group. They know what she is capable of, but the time has come to take her down.

Now this is all good and well assuming everyone is on their toes and at the top of their game. Which they aren’t exactly. With only four players, all level seven or thereabouts, the wise thing to do is to plan extensively and make sure everyone knows what to do and when. And lo, the stomach flu didst descend upon us, and striketh down our ranger. The person with the lowest THAC0 and the most hit points won’t even be on hand for the biggest hunt they have undergone thus far. That leaves the rogue, the druid, and the bard. The mind boggles.

To be honest, the best part of this is that all three players, and their corresponding characters, are all women. Their enemy is a woman. Everyone in this thing is a damn woman (that was an MST3K reference for my daughter who never reads this blog but I felt it needed to be in here because she is a woman as well). This is a girl’s night gone horribly awry. And it will be AWESOME!

I am almost willing to bet that no matter what direction tonight takes, this will be one of the top three games I have ever been a part of. I am so excited I may very well not sleep tonight. I can hardly wait to see how these three tough dames plan on taking down this dragon. It is gonna be incredible. I will definitely be posting later if they pull this off. Or if they all die. So many possibilities.