Don’t Pester Me with Details!

I know that there could be some concern over certain details in my stories, at least the ones presented here in what amounts to be a book format. Before anyone gets their knickers well and truly twisted, let me just say I took a bit of poetic license. Plus everything about this sort of nerd fiction is made-up and imaginary anyway (not unlike a Buzzfeed article) so you ought not to put too much faith in it being completely reliable. We’re just telling a story here, not trying to lay the foundation of a religious sect.

First of all, the dragon breath acid. I know there isn’t anything in any reference materials about how long the acid remains potent, and under what conditions, but I made a choice to have it retain a great deal of potency long after it is initially spewed by the reptilian horror in question. I also decided to have it somewhat weakened in contact with water, which as any chemist can tell you isn’t precisely how acid works. This would depend on the type of acid, of course, but for the purposes of our story we’re going ahead with water being able to dilute the effects of black dragon acidic breath weapons. Black dragons inhabit swamps and jungles, places that are abnormally moist (giggity), so to my mind it makes sense that water would almost have to dilute the acid that they project as their breath weapon or else their respective domains would be lifeless, acidic wastelands. So, that is how the acid came to be the way it is and stuff deep in the mine. Still toxic, still potent, but not nearly as horrid as one would expect had it just been spit up by a dragon.

Secondly, the undead dwarves and their perceived weaknesses. It should be noted that they cannot be harmed by normal, non-magical weapons, and in fact those fighting them might need a particular magical bonus on their weapons to do any significant damage. This is why Hilde has to change up her weapons once the melee is underway. But the observant nerd will also note that most undead are utterly unaffected by acid. Again, poetic license. I would say that throwing a bottle of acid on a dwarven remnant probably wouldn’t do a hell of a lot other than waste the acid and frustrate the undead. But several metric tons of acid, rock, and slag would easily do damage. This isn’t just poetic license. This is rewarding a character who has given careful consideration to using the raw power of brute force to stop an enemy that would otherwise be difficult to best in combat. Something similar is a tower built to withstand a siege. Ok, but what if you managed to hit it with an asteroid? Yeah, I’m gonna say the tower is gonna fail that saving throw. Rocks thrown by hill giants are one thing, a boulder the size of Brazos Valley is another thing entirely.

We hope this cleared up any issues readers might be having. If it does, then let us remind you that we have not closed the door on any attempt to turn this into the foundation of a religious sect.