Sisters of Delilah

Perhaps the most well-known organization that not only allows women to excel at tasks normally reserved for men, but actively encourages it, the Sisters of Delilah have carved out a niche for themselves all across Partum. With established convents in every major country on the continent as far south as the Forkanzan peninsula, east to the far side of Lusatia, and west to the rugged mountains separating Fanolania from the savage lands these nuns perform as nobly and fierce as any cleric. They of course hold true to their calling regardless of where they might be located but that does not necessarily mean they are beholden to the edicts of the mostly male Church patriarchy, nor do they particularly pay much attention to the mandates of earthly rulers.

The reigning matriarch of the Sisters of Delilah is not widely known beyond the organization itself. It doesn’t have to be the oldest and most senior qualified person to head up the order, nor to even govern one of the convents. The sisterhood is widely regarded as an enlightened and even heretical group in how it rewards capable women in roles normally forbidden to them. There are nuns in the sisterhood that fight, run hospitals, officiate in small churches outside of the grasp of larger dioceses, and even engage in banking to finance the workings of the sisterhood both large and small. There is hardly any enterprise that the bold nuns of the Sisters of Delilah haven’t tackled, and those that they tackle they invariably triumph in.

While the running joke among men all around the continent is that the order is better known as “the Sisters of the Perpetual Headache” there isn’t a fellow alive that has encountered one of these nuns in their specialties and not been impressed. Those that train as warriors are second to none and prove themselves in battles all over the countries they are assigned to. Those that are healers are sought after by all that suffer injury and disease for their compassion and dedicated skill in the hospitals that they run. They do not shirk from their duties and would never begin a fight of any kind that they did not fully intend to see through to the end.

There are convents of the Sisters of Delilah all across Fanolania, Lusatia, Geldenreich, most of the Wenigzustand, and all over the Forkanzan peninsula as well as across the Illyrian city-states. It is rumored that the sisterhood was formed in the heart of the last Imperium, although local legends all across Partum suggest that every country claims to be their point of origin. As difficult as the sisters can be to the men purportedly running the world there is no doubt that the efforts of these nuns has made the jobs of those men immeasurably easier.