Continental Excursions: Lusatia

At the far eastern edge of Partum sits a large and prosperous land that bridges the barbaric and the civilized. Ruled by King Olaf V the land of Lusatia boasts large fortified cities, sprawling farmlands, and rugged foothills. With customs dating back centuries and having at its heart the rigid discipline of the Church as a moral compass Lusatia stands firm against all evil that would seek to invade Partum from the east.

Lusatia borders three of the little states to the west. From north to south these are Pomerania, Bronderburg, and Meissen. To the south Lusatia shares a long border with Geldenreich. And to the east are the grassy steppes of the vast continent of Tantam. There are few cities east of Lusatia but plenty of dangers. Monsters of nearly every description roam these areas and serve as a constant threat to Lusatia. Fortunately the fabled knights of Lusatia are more than up to the task of keeping these hazards at bay. Known for their swift horses and unwavering courage the warriors that provide the bulwark against the eastern barbarians are the stuff that legends are made of.

Almost entirely human, society in Lusatia revolves around the Church and mastery of military arts. There is little time to contemplate the niceties of life and as a result most artwork and music are devoted to religious aspirations. Monsters of any kind are not tolerated in Lusatia, and even the tenuous alliance that Lusatia has with Slothjemia is cause for concern among certain conservative elements of the Lusatian nobility. They do appreciate the fanaticism with which the Slothjemians combat the Diosian Lodge and the Torkan Caliphates, though, and this goes a long way towards smoothing over any disagreements. Lusatia has longed to see an end to the chaos of the Wenigzustand and the terrors that thrive there.

The primary trade partner to Lusatia is Geldenreich. Although the languages of the two nations are quite diverse there are many in each country that understand both dialects. The two states have cooperated extensively in fighting the savages to the east and their involvement with the Council of Schönbrunn has only served to make their relationship even stronger. Should Geldenreich ever decide to take an even more active role in bringing calm and virtue to the Wenigzustand it can be guaranteed that Lusatia will jump in to do their part as well.