Infamous Villains: The Diosian Lodge

In the wake of the Ash King‘s destruction there has been a sudden shift in the dynamics of the Diosian Lodge. This has also meant major upheaval in the Sikilian Confederation as the various powers involved adjust to an entirely new dynamic. Over the last thousand or so years the liches of the lodge had gotten comfortable with the way things were running and had accepted, perhaps begrudgingly, the Ash King as their de facto leader. Now that he has been removed from all equations things are set to rapidly transition into something potentially more dangerous.

Liches are not known for their quick pivots in policy change or behavior. It takes tremendous patience to succeed as an undead spellcaster to whom time means nothing and the affairs of mortals dwindle into insignificance. Hours of study and research turn into days and weeks, and then months and years go by as the lich ponders their work and its implications. The Diosian Lodge is not significantly different from any other individual lich in this regard, or at least it hasn’t been until now. There was virtually no assistance given from one of the peers to another although they had agreed in the beginning to aid one another as needed. Nor was there any real collaboration in the mundane affairs of their existence. The chaotic nature of the Ash King and his hostility to doing anything that would make him look weak or help anyone else look stronger meant that the Diosian Lodge perpetually went into every conflict with one arm tied behind its’ back. Over time this led to resentment as one after another of the individual liches succumbed to outside enemies. As powerful as the Diosian Lodge looks on paper it was just a hollow suit of armor unable to react with any real impact to determined opposition.

Now, however, the chaos of the Ash King has been vanquished. In its place is a calmer, more pragmatic influence. Stepping ahead of those that could be considered “next in line” for the leadership of the Diosian Lodge is the infamous priestly lich the Patriarch of Fate. How he was able to accomplish this is a mystery as these are recent developments. However he managed to sideline three other liches that up until now outranked him; the Witch Queen, the Blade of Vengeance, and the Dread Admiral. Good intelligence reports on the Diosian Lodge has never been readily available but it looks as though the rest of the liches have lined up to support the governance of the Patriarch of Fate. The rest of the known Diosian Lodge are identified as the Prince of Pain, the Iron Count, and the Shadow Sovereign. The last member, known as the Viceroy, hasn’t been accounted for at all for the last several months and this might be an ominous sign that there is far more treachery afoot.

Whatever the circumstances might be for the changes being seen in the dynamics of the Diosian Lodge and their holdings in the Sikilian Confederation it cannot be comforting to those that champion the cause of good and justice that the Sikilian Church now has taken on greater importance in how life will continue in the region. As horrific as the magicks of the Ash King were they pale in the strength and profanity of the dark powers that feed the Patriarch of Fate. Victory over any of the Diosian Lodge liches is short-lived as the remaining peers adjust and reorganize. What might happen before heroes are able to strike another blow against these terrifying monsters?