Lothringen and Lotharingia: Sound the Same, Act Very Differently

Thanks to the militaristic achievements of Lotharus Maximus, an Imperator that guided the Third Imperium through one of its most glorious and successful periods, there are a number of places on the map that bear his name in one form or another. Lothringen is one of these, and is a vast Duchy in the northeastern corner of Fanolania. Another is Lotharingia, a vile and detestable land in the north central portion of the Wenigzustand. While they share a common root for their names these two places could not be more different.

Lothringen is a vibrant and peaceful place with rolling foothills to the north and east. Dwarves have communities along the eastern portion despite the leadership of the Duchy being human and the overall King being elven. While it may take a while for the Duke of Lothringen to raise an army there hasn’t been urgent need for such activities in rather a long time. Recently the former Duke and his only heir was killed by unknown parties so the King put another noble in place as the new Duke. The biggest concern for Lothringen is the Maelonbourg Mandate, under which the Duke keeps an eye on the little “orphan state” until such time as the rightful heirs can be located to take it over. Lotharus Maximus had used this area as a staging point for his own military adventures and it remained a part of the Imperium until the elven revolt and secession of Fanolania.

Lotharingia has never been peaceful. Torn by wars for as far back as anyone can recall this fetid hell-hole of underhanded villainy got its name for being the furthest point that Lotharus Maximus was able to successfully invade into the barbarian lands. Unable to keep their possessions longer than a few years the area still bears the name of the Imperator that first tried to subdue it. Lotharingia threw off the yoke of the Imperium and now continues to threaten the stability of everyone else around it through warfare or sabotage. They aren’t against the use of assassination or subterfuge to undermine their foes, either.

The only tie these two places have now is that the Fanolanians appear to be gearing up to finally reach out and strike at Lotharingia by means of the Lothringen connection to Maelonbourg. Conceivably there could be soldiers from Lothringen invading Lotharingia. That’s a lot of loth going on. I’m loathe to add more.