When did Smurfs get so Stabby…?

In an old tapped-out goldmine in Maelonbourg dwells a tribe of relatively innocuous xvarts, the blue-skinned goblinoids that fill a niche in the food chain between kobolds and goblins. Normally xvarts are both evil and cowardly relying in overwhelming numbers to overpower their foes with nets and small swords. Some people think they are just cruel due to their small size. But the xvarts that have settled into the abandoned goldmine and the small forest around its opening have adapted to a more peaceful way of life. This is Xvartsylvania.

There are around a thousand adults in this tribe equally divided between males (the warriors and hunters) and females (the trap keepers and farmers). There are easily even more children than there are adults because xvarts reproduce nearly as fast as the giant rats they keep as guards and work animals. Xvarts stand only three feet tall at best and even in a large group they pose a small threat to humans. The denizens of Xvartsylvania are no exception. They keep a herd of darcows in the mine that they bring out to graze at night. Deeper in the mine they have productive mushroom farms, and tucked away among the trees outside of the mine they maintain small farming plots that they tend to at night. For the most part they stay to themselves and unless you go looking for them you likely wouldn’t know they were there.

There are of course some exceptions. Two xvarts that keep introducing themselves by different names have taken up jobs as the rat catchers in Resurrection (the sign outside marks it as “Blue and Very Blue Rodent Solutions”). The populace of Resurrection is convinced that the xvarts are taking the rats back to Xvartsylvania to be used as food or some even more nauseating purpose but at least the critters aren’t running amok in Resurrection. There are also a number of xvarts that have moved north to Boar’s Head and taken positions in Drndyllyn’s growing army. It would seem that the xvarts have found a way to blend in enough to life in Maelonbourg to be left alone by potential threats.