Notable NPCs: Herzgraf Shr Archibald Speedblade II of the Midnight Skull and the Holy Order of the Fen

By any measure the most widely known and highly skilled paladin in the whole of Partum, the husband of Queen Reichsha of Slothjemia is a baffling mix of counterstereotypes. There are few people that are more dedicated to the upholding of virtuous ideals than the man who most commonly is referred to as “The Herzgraf” and yet he commands the military power of a nation not exactly known for being upright and moral. But the Herzgraf doesn’t obsess over the little things. He is engaged in the long game to insure that the ideals of the Church prevail for the betterment of societies and cultures all across the continent.

As a political power there is nobody more skilled than the Herzgraf in getting people to see things from his point of view. He does not pressure those that run counter to his way of thinking but instead will slowly persuade them by his logic and unerring yet gentle arguments. He never threatens. Knowing that his position and skill places him in an extraordinarily strong place the Herzgraf will often use silence and a dour expression to shift the tone of those that might oppose him openly. Among his international peers the Herzgraf alone has nothing to prove and he is quite aware of it.

Despite being quite old and past what many would consider his prime the Herzgraf stays active with battle training and a hectic schedule overseeing the operations of Slothjemia’s mighty military. He is also the official representative to the Council of Schönbrunn from the court of Queen Reichsha and this duty has begun to take up even more of his time. To achieve the goals he has been entrusted he is willing to utilize whatever resources he finds at his disposal. While not openly encouraging evil acts even in defense of virtue the Herzgraf knows that there are multiple ways to get something done. Rarely does he resort to using the same method more than once, either. Keeping potential enemies off-guard has been a hallmark of his identity and will continue to do so as he begins to see some of his most ambitious schemes realized.

It would be a mistake to think that the Herzgraf is concerned only with Slothjemia. His allegiance is to God and it is this guiding force that keeps him focused. If other nations benefit from the Herzgraf’s machinations then that is just fine by him. Everything must be done to protect the innocent at all costs and to defend those that struggle against the tyranny of the profane and blasphemous. He knows full well that those aligned on the side of good will have more in common than they have disagreements. Petty differences can always be side-lined in order to focus on more pressing matters such as common enemies and working to create stability and safety so that good might flourish and evil be banished.