The College of Magicks

As is typical of many things in Slothjemia the College of Magicks in Jaggerholmschloss is mostly funded and operated by the military. Unlike the Royal Academy of Arcane Studies this institution has a clear goal for all of its graduates and that is military service. For the navy there is an emphasis on producing helmsmen for spelljammers. For the army and marines there is always a need for those able to bring a little more firepower to the battlefield. While their studies might be somewhat limited in relation to that available elsewhere there probably isn’t a better place to learn just enough to quickly become a hazard to others.

Sticking to the playbook available in Slothjemia there isn’t anything a person can learn from the College of Magicks regarding necromancy. It is a mistake to think that all one can learn is Evocation, though. While offensive spells are key to helping in combat there can also be a lot to be gained from Divination, Illusion, and Alteration. Given enough creativity a clever mage can use any available spells to turn the tide in a fight if it is going badly for them. The instructors at the College of Magicks will make sure that their graduates understand this clearly.

Not everyone that attends the College of Magicks is going to be serving in the armed forces of Slothjemia. There are always a few that are just there to do some advanced study or that will seek employment doing something else. In order to attend this institution applicants must have letters of recommendation from at least two senior military officers and a landed noble, orders from the office of the Lord High Marshal, or written permission granted by the Queen. Unlike the Royal Academy of Arcane Studies the College of Magicks does not accept just anyone displaying magical talent unless their entry can somehow further the interests of the military. Wizards that seek advanced studies here and use the library for research are bound by the rules of the institution to share their findings with the staff in order to add to the overall knowledge of the military.

There are almost always more students here than at the Royal Academy of Arcane Studies, too. This is because the military machine of Slothjemia has an almost insatiable appetite for spellcasters to serve in a massive professional fighting force. The qualifications for entry are therefore somewhat more lenient, and as a result the graduates may not necessarily be up to the same standards as those that have gotten their training at more prestigious universities. As every soldier knows, though, a fireball still burns no matter how smart the sorcerer is.