The flickering candles scarcely illuminated what seemed to be a shadowy, sinister cathedral. The pews were filled with wraith-like forms interspersed with what looked to be people cloaked in heavy, dark colored hooded robes. This was after all a somber and important occasion and all in attendance were cognizant of the weight this moment carried. Officiating over the service was none other than the all-powerful Supreme Pontiff himself, Callidus Magna. On either side of him stood individuals in crimson red robes with hoods, and wearing white face masks carved from alabaster. Kneeling before the Supreme Pontiff was another red-robed figure, his hands clasped in a prayerful stance and his hooded head bowed in subservience. An alabaster mask sat on a black satin pillow in front of him.

Callidus Magna spread his arms and raised them upwards slightly as he spoke. “Good and faithful servants of the lord, give thanks this day for the work ahead of you! Welcome into the ranks of our glorious and holy church leadership the new Principale of the Archbishopric of Fanolania. I present to you, Principale Abattoir!”

Lowering his hands to his side, he motioned for the kneeling figure to take the mask from the pillow. Doing so, the man placed the mask on his face, and stood up. There was a crackle of energy in the room, and the candles flickered even dimmer. Tiny electrical charges began to shoot from the eyeholes in the mask, and the Supreme Pontiff held his hands forward to connect to these little electrical bolts as they sprang forth. The bolts began to increase, and soon they were an unbroken connection between Callidus Magna and Principale Abattoir.

“Take this power that I bestow upon you, Abattoir. You shall bring the wicked to slaughter, and in my wrath you will find strength enough to rain down divine justice upon our enemies! And all of the faithful did exclaim amen!”

There was a bellowing, hollow response from the attendees to the call from their master. “Amen!” they shouted as if of one mind.

Callidus Magna folded his hands in front of him, and said in reverential tone, “Then let it be.”

Staggering slightly from the magical exchange he had just gone through, Principale Abattoir bowed and turned to face the assembled crowd. Scarlet red pinpoints of light shone through the eyeholes of his mask, and he began to stride down the aisle to the acclaims of those present. The other red-hooded figures fell in line as a procession and followed him out. Callidus Magna followed last of all, closely tailed by his loyal henchman, Penderghast.

The Supreme Pontiff communicated silently via telepathy to Penderghast. “There, that will free up the Green King for duty elsewhere. Instruct him to finish his business in the north. Principale Abattoir will take over the work of destroying the elf kingdom. Make haste, Penderghast. We have much to do before the mortals realize the peril they are in.”