Find Something You Love to do, and You’ll Never Work Another Day in Your Life

Leopold Voûteacier was without any debate the happiest man in all of the Archduchy of Maelonbourg and the Wenigzustand. As a steel dragon he loved to count coins and arrange them in coffers for proper storage. In any of his forms, be it dragon or human, he loved the feel of the money and almost Zen-like feeling of having a proper accounting of these coins and detailed records of their coming and going. As the High Treasurer for the Archduchy Leopold spent a great deal of time counting coins as they came in from taxes or went out to pay for essential services in the realm. Rarely though would he have occasion to have this sort of windfall.

The Magnificent Seven had found hidden away in the warrens beneath Untote Druuna’s collapsed lair a huge cache of chests filled with coins of every denomination. Most of the coins had been minted in the old, fallen Kingdom of Maelonbourg before the arrival of the night hags had thrown everything into disarray. There were ancient Fanolanian coins, and ones from Sachsen and even far-away lands like Lusatia and Evelliene. All of them were just beautiful to Leopold. The first order of business was to get all of the chests emptied out and every coin sorted so that the real joy of counting could commence.

Leopold had decided early on to hold off on paying the Magnificent Seven for their services until the deed was fully done. Now that this was the case, Leopold went ahead and counted out the coins from among the loot that had been recovered. The original agreed upon sum and the additional monies added to compensate for the extra duties that were performed added up to 73,500gp. By any metric this was a tremendous amount of money. However, it was just a drop in the bucket from the money that they had recovered. It balanced out far in favor of the archduchy and Leopold was extremely pleased that this adventure had not only wiped out one of the regions worst villains but had netted hundreds of thousands of copper, silver, electrum, gold, and platinum coins.

Updating the ledgers was the final step in this wonderful process. Adding up all of the totals Leopold let out a little whistle. That was a tidy little sum, all right. He hoped nobody asked how much had been brought in because there was another thing dragons are known for and that is hoarding wealth. Even if it isn’t their wealth, they are loath to spend money entrusted to their safekeeping. Luckily the archduke wasn’t the kind of person who asked questions. Of course, if his wife asked that was another matter entirely. Leopold rather favored her and would gladly hand over the coins if she asked. Leopold hoped she wouldn’t, though. He did so hate messing up the neat stacks of coins in the chests so nicely arranged.