Infamous Villains: The Dread Admiral

Other than the Viceroy who had no set base of operations for much of his existence, there is no member of the foul Diosian Lodge more widely travelled than the Dread Admiral. This lich is a fearsome monster due to the fact that his location is never known for sure. Unlike many of his kind the Dread Admiral does a lot of roaming about on the Forzarrean Sea, the large body of water that surrounds Forkanza on the south and west and is home to the Illyrian Islands further east, and the Sea of Vdekja which separates Forkanza in the west from Sikilia in the east. The Dread Admiral is most often encountered aboard his flagship, a horrifying galleass made of enchanted oak and bones that bears the name of “The Soul Razer.” Dressed in flowing blue and green robes that seem to flow as the ocean itself, the Dread Admiral has shifting pinpoints of white and blue lights in his otherwise empty eye sockets. Unlike the other members of the Diosian Lodge the Dread Admiral is a hands-on sort of leader who is not above using his extensive magical powers and cunning tactical mind to confront any perceived enemy that ventures into his territory. While this should be relegated to the lands and islands of Bregsikilia, the truth is that anyplace the Dread Admiral sails to he will treat as being his domain and lash out accordingly.

Over the centuries the Dread Admiral has managed to amass a tremendous amount of power in the waters around Forkanza, the Illyrian League, and the Sikilian Confederation. His fleets of warships are manned by humans, but the rowers aboard his galleys and other oared warships are all undead, giving them a tremendous advantage in speed and endurance. The Dread Admiral also has enslaved or joined forces with a number of dangerous aquatic races such as the sahuagin, reavers, and evil merfolk. It is said that the Dread Admiral can even control sharks and other predators of the sea, as well as commanding the sea itself and the weather to do his bidding. Having long ago swept aside any real competition on the high seas the warships of Bregsikilia now torment and disrupt the flow of goods that are transported on cargo ships wherever they can. Nobody can say for certain how many ships the Dread Admiral commands but estimates place the number in the hundreds.

The flagship of the Dread Admiral can be viewed as his mobile base of operations. Unlike the other oared ships in his employ, the Soul Razer does not require oarsmen at all. Instead, it is propelled via powerful enchantments which give it even more capacity for destruction. Most of the crew and troops carried aboard the Soul Razer are undead, but not necessarily the mundane sort one might hope for. The Dread Admiral’s reputation for ruthlessness and overwhelming force has attracted many free-willed undead to his service in hopes that they might themselves be enriched. Legends abound of the powers possessed by the Soul Razer, including stories of it diving beneath the waves to surface suddenly and attack or flying among the storm clouds above the sea to strike opponents from the air. Whatever the truth might be, the Soul Razer and its terrible commander are certainly not to be trifled with.

With the formation of the Fourth Imperium rumors have begun to circulate that the combined naval forces of the once independent Forkanzan city-states are being coordinated under the control of the dread Admiral. Operating on the orders of the Supreme Pontiff and Imperator of the Dominion, Callidus Magna, the Dread Admiral is becoming even more of a nuisance to those trying to ship goods across the Forzarrean Sea and the Sea of Vdekja, or who might have mounting concerns about their own security in the region. It is doubtful that the rise of the Dread Admiral can be seen as anything good.