Continental Excursions; Vlaanderen

In the far northwestern corner of the Wenigzustand is the relatively calm and peaceful country of Vlaanderen. It lies northwest of everything, but borders Mort-Vivant to the southeast. Fanolania lies just across the Marruse River along the west and southwest, and to the north is the open Sea of the North. To the east is the country of Escaut with which Vlaanderen shares a good many cultural and commercial ties.

Vlaanderen is a mostly flat place with the terrain turning to rolling hills as you move from north to south. Forests are plentiful but not as vast as elsewhere in the Wenigzustand. The population here is divided between humans and halflings and the two races coexist in complete harmony, especially in the larger towns and cities. Quite a lot of people live in Vlaanderen and they have a well-regulated society that is able to defend itself should the need arise. The country is ruled by King Carl the Squat, a human of somewhat diminutive and heavy-set stature who resembles the largest halfling to ever squeeze themselves into velvet britches. King Carl maintains a fleet of trade and military vessels to take full advantage of Vlaanderen’s position along the Sea of the North. Although not a major trade center it is nonetheless an important place for fishing.

The interior of the country is dotted with villages, towns, and a couple of decently sized cities. Agriculture is the mainstay of Vlaanderen and of course the halflings are an important part of making all of that work smoothly. Vlaanderen, much like its neighbor Escaut, produces far more food than it consumes (which is amazing considering how many halflings live here) so a great deal of it is exported. The ports on the coast are also where a good many elves from Evelliene come to adventure in the mainland portion of Partum. The elven lords of Evelliene hold the people of Vlaanderen in exceptionally high esteem and on more than one occasion they have sent ships and troops to defend the Vlaanderfolk from barbaric coastal raiders from the far north and deter the insidious maneuvers of Mort-Vivant’s chaos.

The only trouble that King Carl has on a regular on-going basis are the slave traders that prey on anyone who fails to keep their guard up in Vlaanderen and Escaut. These unfortunate souls almost always end up being sold or traded to the orcs of Oublier where they are put to work in the vast farms to feed the goblinoids. For this reason King Carl has placed a healthy bounty on orcs and their ilk, and will pay handsomely for any dead goblinoids that are killed in Vlaanderen. As can be expected there aren’t many left in Vlaanderen to be hunted.