Impending Updates and Upending Realms

There is one tremendous downside to any great story and that is trying to keep up with all of the changes being made by the characters and forces just out of view. Nowhere is this more relevant than an epic Dungeons & Dragons campaign that spans years and covers a dozen or so nations. Real life history is being made every day and in the game the same is true. Unfortunately it is one of the many duties of the Game Master to try and stay abreast of it all.

While the game notes reflect quite nicely the flow of events, only the Game Master has access to these vital and important missives. The players may of course keep their own notes (more than likely, however, they do not) but these of course cannot take into account the ramifications of the deeds being recorded because the Game Master is the only one able to discern the impact fully on the gaming world at large. This means that if any true record is to be kept it must be done by the Game Master. Properly filtered this information can help the players determine what might be happening around them that they were previously (blissfully) unaware of.

With this in mind there will need to be some updates made to the information contained in this blog. Following a momentous gaming session last week there are major changes to several countries, quite a few Non-Player Characters, and perhaps more than a few theories about certain prophecies and predictions given in the game. Some but not all of the changes will involve Fanolania, Maelonbourg, Oublier, the Council of Schönbrunn, and a number of folks listed in the “Who’s Who” section. As the players begin to adjust to life after the events of last week they are going to have to assess who and what poses the biggest threat to their well-being as well as settle on a course of action to prevent the impending disaster that rests just below the horizon (and of which they are only marginally aware).

Because that is the other downside to any great story. As much as you try to keep up with the changes, more changes are always on the way.