Infamous Villains: Misty

Less is known about this terrifying minion of the Viceroy than perhaps any of his other underlings. Like the nightmarish Lyllyth, it is thought that Misty is an unnatural creation that combines the abilities and skills of the famous thief Joss, the former Baroness of Capellen. It has been documented that Joss had been branded by the Viceroy during one of their ill-fated encounters and this may have given the lich the ability to replicate Joss somehow. But the monstrous abomination known as Misty is far more dreadful than Joss ever claimed to be.

As her name indicates Misty can turn to a sort of fog at will in much the same manner as a vampire. This allows her to fly slowly and pass through the smallest cracks and tiniest of openings with ease. In her material form Misty appears as a hooded elven woman, but when her hood is pulled back her features are gaunt and ashen with blemishes indicating that she might have been subjected to some sort of illness or plague. Her teeth are small and pointed like those of a rodent and her eyes are yellow but glow green in the dark. Misty has the ability to attack while in her fog form, slipping into the nose and mouth of her victims and taking over their bodies. She can also transform from her mist form and make a backstab attack all in one round. The stiletto she uses is wickedly engraved and doubtlessly carries with it some sort of abysmal curse. Misty has also been reported to strike with a garotte, crushing her victim’s windpipe. Rarely does anyone know that Misty is present until the body count begins to climb.

It should be expected that Misty would be difficult if not impossible to keep track of. She has been seen in Condamner and recently there have been reports in Fanolania that this dreadful assassin has assumed some measure of control over Escaut on behalf of the Viceroy. It isn’t known if Misty can talk as she hasn’t apparently said anything that anyone survived to repeat.