Infamous Villains: Lyllyth

One of the most horrific and vile monsters to ever creep across Partum is the nearly indescribably evil pagan priestess known as Lyllyth. An unnatural creation that is rumored to have been crafted from dark necromantic powers by the Viceroy, Lyllyth is a foul hybrid comprised of the blood of a powerful druid named Selena as well as the nefarious power of an ancient and savage primitive demon’s spirit. The result is a spellcaster that combines the most powerful aspects of a druid with the deadly and gruesome motivations of pure wickedness.

Lyllyth hasn’t been spotted often as she tends to keep herself safely within the boundaries of Forêt Verte, the domain of yet another of the Viceroy’s minions, Untote Druuna. Despite her endless work maintaining the extensive and otherwise untamed forests of this realm it has been suggested that Lyllyth is not as concerned with such matters as would a proper druid be. Lyllyth instead seems to focus on abusing her powers to further the agenda set forth by her master. With her mastery of manipulating plants and animals Lyllyth has reportedly begun constructing a number of projects for the Viceroy and Untote Druuna. Massive elementals have been seen by terrified adventurers going about tasks of their own to further whatever grand plan is in place in Forêt Verte. The scheme itself is unknown but the terrific efforts to carry them out should be a source of concern.

The most intrepid person to set out to find answers about who Lyllyth is and what she is up to is Yeitic Morte the necromancer. On a recent expedition which saw him die multiple times Yeitic was able to provide a number of conclusions regarding Lyllyth as well as to give a detailed description of her normal human-like form. Lyllyth appears to be a normal druid in a flowing white robe trimmed in floral patterns with green embroidery that resembles vines. She carries in her left hand a gnarled staff that has a number of glowing green runes engraved on it. In her right hand she carries a sharp, sinister looking sickle made of cold iron that seems to emit an unholy aura. Lyllyth’s most notable feature is that she wears a blindfold at all times which is often blood-soaked. However, Lyllyth can apparently see just fine, perhaps using some sort of innate ability in the same manner that Selena did by being able to see spirits as would a shaman. This allows Lyllyth to see creatures that are invisible or using rogue abilities to hide their presence as if they were standing in broad daylight waving a flag. In addition to the abilities she has in common with normal druids Lyllyth is also able to drain the life of anyone or anything within 30′ of her. Walls and barriers do not prevent this drain, only greater distance can stop it. Lyllyth also has complete mastery over the weather and uses it to create awful storms from which she can call down lightning to strike at her opponents. Lyllyth can use her abilities even in animal forms, and like druids Lyllyth can regenerate hit points every time she changes forms. Lyllyth is prone to attacking from a distance rather than closing with her enemies, making her an extremely difficult monster to take down.

The handful of times that Lyllyth has been seen in action have been truly disturbing in their intensity. The first time was when she was preparing to sacrifice a child on a pagan altar that Lyllyth had built in the wilderness of Maelonbourg. It is doubtful that any encounter with Lyllyth would prove to be less sickening than that.