A Show of Divine Power

Callidus Magna had left the security and opulence of his sprawling palace in order to personally witness for himself the drama that was soon to transpire in the northern realm of Escaut. He had been alerted to the developing situation by his most capable underling, the lich that was now being referred to in the court of the Supreme Pontiff and Imperator as “the Green King.” Everything had been set up for the grand revelation months ago, but the circumstances had changed time and again since then. After setting up several times it was clear that now was the moment that the ascending god needed to be present to see for himself what he and his ambitions were up against.

The two of them now sat inside of a magically crafted pocket that was neither inside this plane nor fully in another. With this vantage point they could see everything taking place all around the area of concern just east of the Escautian town of Eeklo. There was a vast army of undead that had been animated from those that had died from the Green King’s cursed “Gravenplague” and represented nearly everyone that had been in Escaut when the curse first struck eight months prior. Mixed among them were a huge contingent of Sachsen troops that had fled the battles in Forêt Verte and Fanolania, and had helped lead to the downfall of Le Duc in Condamner. These soldiers were viewed by the Green King and his master as undependable and therefore expendable. They had been placed under an enchantment that prevented them from fleeing again. One way or another it was hoped that these wretched fools would be killed.

Against this formidable force were fewer than a dozen people. These were the most bothersome people that the Green King had ever had dealings with, though. From the beginning of his activities in the region of the Wenigzustand they had more than lived up to their moniker of “the Troublemakers.” They weren’t all present on this occasion, and they hadn’t brought a supportive army. Only one of them had even bothered to bring a henchman.

Viewing this group of seemingly foolish adventurers Callidus Magna kept his vision locked on them as he said to the Green King, “These are the ones that have been the cause of so much difficulty? Are you sure that this is going to be anything other than a slaughter? How can they be a threat to your ghouls and these accursed Sachsens?”

The Green King growled as he replied, “Just watch, my lord. They are more trouble than they appear, and filled with as many tricks as I can conjur.” He paused and seemed to realize that it was impossible to fully describe how much of a threat the Troublemakers could be. “Just watch, your holiness. You shall see what pandemonium they can provoke.”

As the two of them watched with rapt attention, they could see the Troublemakers mulling over their options for how to deal with the massive enemy force before them. Then one of them set down his weapons and shield, and appeared to wield a small holy symbol. In his other hand was what looked to be a small book. With a deep breath the man strode forward, alone. His companions stood back and watched as this one man marched determinedly straight for the undead and enchanted Sachsens.

Callidus Magna began to laugh at the absurdity of this act, when suddenly an overwhelmingly bright light shot down from the heavens and created a circle about one hundred yards in diameter around this bold man. It followed him as he walked, and as the undead began to realize his presence and turned to attack him his pace never faltered. Callidus Magna and the Green King were surprised by the light, and had to shield their faces somewhat in order to see what was taking place down below.

The undead rushed towards the man in the light and as soon as they hit the edge of the bright illumination they were instantly incinerated. The man continued to walk along, turning now and then to make sure the light surrounding him hit everyone he could encounter. When the Sachsens were engulfed in the light the Green King’s enchantment was broken, and the hapless men dropped to the ground, weak from prolonged hunger and thirst. The man wandered about making sure every one of his enemies had been touched by the light. As soon as all had been affected, the light began to wane and then went out entirely. Without any weapons or apparent spellcraft this one man had annihilated an entire army.

“Now you see what we are up against here.” said the Green King with a touch of sarcasm in his tone. “We will need a different approach if we are to strengthen the Haven in this part of the world.”

Callidus Magna turned and stared at the Green King. “Once more you have proven your worth, Green King. And you are correct. It is time to up our game. We will need another, more powerful minion to add to our strength. You know what to do. Bring me the fallen archbishop. I have need of his particular strengths.”

“As you command, my most holy lord. I shall see to it personally.”