Infamous Villains: Captain Brass Sabre

The most notorious pirate to be currently sailing the Sea of Vdekja, and one of the most dangerous men among the many and scattered sea-borne brigands in the greater region of the Forzarrean Sea is the brash and violent Captain Brass Sabre. So well-known is this man that many authorities are hesitant to confront him even when he ventures into the heart of their jurisdictions. He has a number of loyal allies that have pledged their own vessels to defend and aid Captain Sabre whenever possible. Added to his own crew these allies can number well over a hundred cutthroats for missions so bold that they stagger the imagination.

Captain Sabre is the embodiment of the dark and brooding pirate. Weathered from years at sea, his coal-black hair and long beard are usually braided with gold and silver thread. Unlike most of his ilk in this region Captain Sabre has embraced the technology of firearms in the furtherance of his goals to become the most powerful of the pirates in Southern Partum. Using his strategy of being boldly criminal and not attempting to pass as anything other than who and what he is, Brass Sabre uses his reputation as his greatest weapon.

This persona stands in stark contrast to that of Captain Divo Zucco, the man that Captain Brass Sabre views as his sworn nemesis. At no point has Captain Zucco ever ingratiated himself to the far more infamous and legendary Captain Sabre and this has been a thorn in Sabre’s side for years. All attempts by Captain Sabre to corner his enemy have failed, and in these encounters not only does Sabre get the raw end of the deal, but his allies suffer as well. Some of these lesser pirate commanders have been killed and/or their ships sunk trying to flex the power of Captain Sabre against Captain Zucco.