The Fall of Käsestadt

The collapse of Limbourg as a functioning state wasn’t something that happened quickly. The fall of the old capital of Käsestadt was the final stage and only occurred twelve or so years ago. But the destruction of this once proud city was so complete that it now serves as little more than a ruined sanctuary for a handful of people scraping out a meager existence.

After most other forms of governance in Limbourg had already been stripped away Käsestadt stood for a number of years as a free and independent city. Despite the constant wars that ravaged Limbourg by those that used the hapless landscape as their battlefield, Käsestadt was able to do quite well for itself. The people managed to make the city as close to defendable as they could and weathered many seasons of outside intrusions. But then a perfect storm of invasive activities struck all at once. The orcs of Oublier were pushing north to invade Ange Déchu, and the mercenary armies of Trésor were headed south to teach the goblinoids a thing or two about respecting Ange Déchu. Lotharingia decided to make this the moment to sweep in from the east in order to destroy both of these forces. To add to the chaos there was a sizeable incursion by fiendish ghouls out of Condamner to the west which caused the people of Käsestadt to be trapped within their city with no means of escape.

It is debatable as to whether or not it was intentional, but the armies of the orcs, Lotharingians, and Ange Déchu smashed into each other all around the perimeter of Käsestadt. In order to try and get the upper hand over each other the armies commenced with assaulting the city itself in order to fight one another amongst the terrified natives. Thousands of the city’s citizens were slaughtered as the people tried to hide from the destruction in any way they could. The fighting continued for days and at night the ghouls from Condamner would swarm in like rats and devour the corpses of the recently slain. It was nothing short of pure horror for the tragic city.

Today a few people remain in the shattered city, tending small gardens in order to feed themselves and hiding from any trespassers. The entire area is beginning to be reclaimed by the wilderness of Limbourg and thankfully for those left in the place it is considered to be of no use for either tactical or strategic purposes.